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Bill Gelpi
Specialty: Project Management, Construction Management, Constructability Review, and Job Order Contracts

Bill has more than 26 years of experience in project management, construction management, building inspection, contract administration, and construction contracting including service to the county of Los Angeles for more then 20 years working on Capital Projects and FEMA funded disaster recovery projects. Having served as a supervisory level Building Inspector and a project manager, Bill brings unique and extensive knowledge of construction, both in design management and field construction. He has completed an extensive list of projects in the fields of roads, transit, dam facilities, essential buildings such as sheriff and fire stations, health facilities, as well as probation and courts facilities. Bill’s expertise in multiple disciplines has enabled him to foresee and mitigate potential issues on projects, offer solutions that are schedule sensitive and cost effective, and have been the cornerstone of his management style. Beyond his background with diverse building types, he also brings an impressive record managing projects with complex issues such as tight construction schedules, environmental requirements, historic preservation, management of multiple contracts and hazardous material abatement. Bill has experience in delivering projects through standard low bid contracts, qualifications based contracts and Job Order Contracting. Bill is our resident expert on Job Order Contracts (JOC). He has administered every stage of the JOC procurement process including development of the contract requirements, review of job order proposals, confirmation of scope, management of the work in the field and document reconciliation.

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